Custom fit out to master bedroom walk-in

.Custom Fit out to master bedroom walk-in wardrobe.

Wouldnt you love to have a walk-in like this in your home,

We work closely with all of our customers to make sure we give them all of the features that they are looking for in their new walk-in wardrobe.

This wardrobe has a large shoe unit at the Back which will hold approximately 40- 50 pairs of shoes depending on what types of shoes you have. With the exception of the centre shelf, all the shelves in our shoe units are adjustable,  we do this to maximises the number of shoes that can be stored, decreasing the spacing for flats and increase the spacing for heels or boots.

On His side of the wardrobe, we fitted 2 of our 1/2 shelf units, our 1/2 shelf units are great, they keep everything on the shelves at eye level while still giving good access to the clothes hanging below.  there’s no more getting down on your hands and knees to see whats on the bottom shelf.

On Her side of the wardrobe, she has a 5 draw, Draw unit a 1/2 shelf unit 3/4 hanging for dresses and double hang for shirts and pants.

Both sides of the wardrobe have a fixed shelf that runs the full length of the wardrobe for storage of bulky items.

All of our wardrobes are fitted with our standard Bow Handle, this customer decided to supply there own handles which look great. We are always happy to fit any handles that you might like to your units rather than our standard bow handles. all we ask is that you proving a sample handle before we start the fabrication of your job.

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