Timber Wardrobe Door Panels


Choosing a design for your wardrobe can be a challenge making sure that it will fit into your design plan, with so many options available getting the right mix of door panel and door frame is easy.

As well as Mirrors and Glass we have a number of panels we can offer to use in our wardrobe door frames. These come in a number of colours and finishes to suit any décor.

These panels offer a great alternative to Glass or Mirrored doors, there is a large choice of colours and finishes available. Depending on what your decor we have a panel that will fit your design plan.

You aren’t limited to the panels we offer if you want your doors to match your existing cabinets if you know the colour we can match this to your new sliding doors as long as it is available in a 9mm panel.

You are able to mix any of our door choices so the possibilities are endless.

Formica Panels

Formica Panel Doors
Formica Panel Doors








Mix of timber and Mirrored door
We matched our Doors to existing Cabinets










Not all panels are suitable as we need a maximum panel thickness of 9mm. Please contact us for more information as to which panels are suitable

Glass Options

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