Adding Storage to existing Wardrobe.

Adding Storage to an Existing Wardrobe.

Let us show you how we can add extra storage to an existing Built-in Wardrobe without the expense of messy Building works. Removing your current bricked- in Wardrobe will be expensive, once you start removing walls there is a snowball effect it not as simple as you may think.

Once you remove the brickwork, the work and expense start to add up. The walls now need to be repaired. There will be holes in the brickwork where the walls were keyed together. Walls will need to be plastered, floor coverings need to be replaced to fill in the gaps where the brickwork was. The cornice will need to be replaced. The ceiling will need to be patched then the room will need to be painted.

So now the old wardrobe is gone and everything has been repaired and painted. the new floor coverings have been laid and the room is looking great. But now you are thousands of dollars out of pocket if you weren’t able to complete the work yourself and you now have a room without a wardrobe. And in all honestly, All you have gained 100mm of space that the brick took up.

Get More space without the expense.

Why not leave the existing wardrobe where it is and just add to it. While this option is much cheaper than removing the existing wardrobe it won’t look cheap it will blend seamlessly with the existing wardrobe and give you the extra space you have been looking for.

In this example, We left the existing wardrobe where it was and added additional storage to it and with the new doors, the wardrobe doesn’t look out of place.  The customer got the extra storage they were looking for.

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