Bi-Fold Conversion

Bi-Fold Conversion.

This inner city apartment like many others had Bi-Fold doors to the laundry cupboard.  Like many others, the doors were very heavy and very difficult to operate.

The main issue we come across with this type of doors is that the doors are top hung. This means that they only have a track at the top and the bottom of the doors float free. Since the doors were heavy, if the top mounts are not properly installed the doors drop over time, and like these doors, they damage the floor. The owner of this apartment had spent a lot of money having the doors adjusted and repaired with no result. Even today when we were removing the doors we had a lot of trouble separating the doors to remove the hinges so the doors could be taken down.

The Conversion.

Once the old doors were removed, the conversion was a quick and simple fit. We used our triple track system for this conversion. This meant that access to the laundry was excellent, as with our triple track you can stack all 3 doors behind each other and move them anywhere within the opening.

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