Built-in Wardrobe Storage Ideas


Built-in Wardrobes

Like most wardrobes fitted out by the builder, your built-in wardrobe probably doesn’t offer much other than a single shelf and rail.

The shelf and rail that you have is probably set at around 1700mm from the floor which leaves a large space between the top shelf and the ceiling.

Having such a large space between the top shelf and the ceiling is a waste of space and can also be dangerous.

First Step.

The first thing we do when refitting out your Built-in Wardrobe is to remove the shelf and rail.

Then depending on your requirements, we can add Drawers, Adjustable Shelving, and maybe Shoe Storage Along with a new hanging system.

One of our targets when fitting out you Wardrobe is to give you the same amount of hanging space as you had before we started, Of course, this isn’t always possible but we do our best to maximise the storage while trying to give you the maximum amount of hanging space.

New Homes

If you have just moved into your newly constructed home you will probably have high ceilings at around 2600mm, If so we would recommend installing a second top shelf,

By having the second top shelf we make the wardrobe safer for you, There is nothing more frustrating than have a large stack of boxes etc, stacked to the ceiling, The box you need is always on the bottom of the stack, so you have 2 options empty the wardrobe to get the box you need or do what most of us would do and just gently pull the box keeping your fingers crossed that you do have everything come crashing down on top of you.

Maximising the space in your built-in wardrobe is a simple way to add storage into your bedrooms.

Here are some ideas for your Wardrobe

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