Custom Cabinets

Custom Walk-in Wardrobe

Wardrobe Fit-outs.

There is nothing standard when it comes to a Wardrobe, This is where Custom Cabinets make things a lot easier.

Using custom cabinets makes maximising the space in your Walk-in or Built-in Wardrobe much easier. there is no need to settle for off the shelf units that just don’t fit.

Custom Cabinets

Every wardrobe comes with its own set of challenges, Things like. Angled Walls,  Low ceilings, Duct Work for Plumbing and Airconditioning, the list goes on. All of these things make fitting out your wardrobe a challenge.

To Get the most out of the available space in your wardrobe we make everything to suit your wardrobe we can make changes to the width or height of any of our units. we also build custom cabinets to fit into specific areas of your wardrobe.

Custom Drawer units

Do you have a specific design that you want for your wardrobe but can’t find it anywhere, We can build a drawer unit to meet your need and specifications. whether you need just 1 drawer or 7 drawers either all the same size or a mix of different sizes we can custom build a drawer unit to suit.

Standard off the shelf cabinets will never give you the best use of the space having something custom built isn’t as complicated or expensive as you may think, a simple adjustment in the height or width of a unit will make a big difference when maximising the space in your wardrobe.

Custom Colours or Finishes.

Most of our wardrobe fit-outs are made using white melamine but we can build your units in any colour or finish from any of the major suppliers.

This means that you can completely customise your wardrobe to fit your personal tastes.

Give Karen a call today to organise a free measure and quote to see how we can add extra storage to your wardrobe without losing any hanging space.

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Great New storage.

Deluxe Walk-in Wardrobe Storage

Custom fit out to master bedroom walk-in

Built-in Wardrobe Storage Ideas

Built-in Wardrobe Fit Out


Built-in Wardrobes

Like most wardrobes fitted out by the builder, your built-in wardrobe probably doesn’t offer much other than a single shelf and rail.

The shelf and rail that you have is probably set at around 1700mm from the floor which leaves a large space between the top shelf and the ceiling.

Having such a large space between the top shelf and the ceiling is a waste of space and can also be dangerous.

First Step.

The first thing we do when refitting out your Built-in Wardrobe is to remove the shelf and rail.

Then depending on your requirements, we can add Drawers, Adjustable Shelving, and maybe Shoe Storage Along with a new hanging system.

One of our targets when fitting out you Wardrobe is to give you the same amount of hanging space as you had before we started, Of course, this isn’t always possible but we do our best to maximise the storage while trying to give you the maximum amount of hanging space.

New Homes

If you have just moved into your newly constructed home you will probably have high ceilings at around 2600mm, If so we would recommend installing a second top shelf,

By having the second top shelf we make the wardrobe safer for you, There is nothing more frustrating than have a large stack of boxes etc, stacked to the ceiling, The box you need is always on the bottom of the stack, so you have 2 options empty the wardrobe to get the box you need or do what most of us would do and just gently pull the box keeping your fingers crossed that you do have everything come crashing down on top of you.

Maximising the space in your built-in wardrobe is a simple way to add storage into your bedrooms.

Here are some ideas for your Wardrobe

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Here are some more ideas for your wardrobes

Great New storage.

Kid’s Bedroom Storage

Small Space Maximum Storage


Kid’s Bedroom Storage

Kid’s Bedroom Storage.

These fit-outs are a great example of the options we have available for your Kids bedrooms. They have a good mix of hanging Space, Drawers and adjustable shelving.

The use of our 1/2 shelf units gives you a good amount of adjustable shelving with hanging underneath. We have turned the traditional upside down. Normally when you combine hanging and adjustable shelving, the shelving is below the hanging, but this means that to find things on the lower shelves you have to get down on your hands and knees. By moving the shelving up above the hanging, everything on the shelves is at eye level while still giving you good access to the hanging below.

Another advantage of having the shelves above the hanging in Kids bedrooms means that anything you put on the shelves is out of reach of young kids and prevents them climbing the shelves to reach items that you don’t want them to have for whatever reason.

Hinged Door Wardrobe.

To allow access and to give a top-shelf across the width of the wardrobe with hinged doors we use our smaller units. These units are 1800mm tall which still allows for double hanging while still allowing for a top shelf. Most wardrobes that have hinged doors the opening will be just over 2000mm. the shorter units give you a small space for the top shelf.

 Your Kids Bedroom Design.

If you have a specific layout in mind for your kids’ bedroom, we are happy to build it for you, simply sketch it out and email it to us and we will price it up for you. If you or your partner are handy and like doing a bit of DIY we can even supply it as a DIY pack so you can install it yourself

Check out some more ideas

Built-in Wardrobe Storage

Wardrobe Storage

Wardrobe Sliding doors

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Adding Storage to existing Wardrobe.

Getting More Space

Adding Storage to an Existing Wardrobe.

Let us show you how we can add extra storage to an existing Built-in Wardrobe without the expense of messy Building works. Removing your current bricked- in Wardrobe will be expensive, once you start removing walls there is a snowball effect it not as simple as you may think.

Once you remove the brickwork, the work and expense start to add up. The walls now need to be repaired. There will be holes in the brickwork where the walls were keyed together. Walls will need to be plastered, floor coverings need to be replaced to fill in the gaps where the brickwork was. The cornice will need to be replaced. The ceiling will need to be patched then the room will need to be painted.

So now the old wardrobe is gone and everything has been repaired and painted. the new floor coverings have been laid and the room is looking great. But now you are thousands of dollars out of pocket if you weren’t able to complete the work yourself and you now have a room without a wardrobe. And in all honestly, All you have gained 100mm of space that the brick took up.

Get More space without the expense.

Why not leave the existing wardrobe where it is and just add to it. While this option is much cheaper than removing the existing wardrobe it won’t look cheap it will blend seamlessly with the existing wardrobe and give you the extra space you have been looking for.

In this example, We left the existing wardrobe where it was and added additional storage to it and with the new doors, the wardrobe doesn’t look out of place.  The customer got the extra storage they were looking for.

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Check Out our Doors for your wardrobe

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Bronze Mirrors

Our Bronze mirror give a feel of luxury in any space

The Look of Luxury.

Our range of Decor mirrors will give any room a whole new look and feel. The bronze mirrors give a subtle Golden Hue giving that look and feel of luxury. While our Grey mirrors still give you the look and feel of space. The Grey mirror gives an understated yet elegant look. Both the Bronze and Grey mirrors will set your bedroom or any space apart from the rest.

Mix it up.

Both the Grey and Bronze mirrors can be combined with our Coloured Glass options to create a whole new look, Combining the Bronze or Grey Mirrors with our Black glass is simply stunning option,

Looking for something Different

Mixing the Grey Mirror and our Red glass in a Kid’s or Teenager’s room will give you a lively combination that will set their room apart from the rest.

The options are endless mix and match our Decore mirrors with any of our door option to come up with a look that represents your very own personality, If you would rather be a trendsetter rather than just going with the flow, Give us a call.

If you cant quite imagen what the end result will look like that’s not a problem we are happy to make up sample doors which will allow you to see what your dream will look like before committing to the full-size option.

Check out all our glass options here.

More info on our door system

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Let us help you get the Extra Storage You Need.

His & Her's Built-in Wardrobes

Need Extra Storage

Like a lot of homes in Perth, a lot of the smaller bedrooms have very little or no storage at all. Just because the builder neglected to provide you with storage, doesn’t mean that we can’t provide you with great storage without drastically reducing the livable space in the room.

Building Extra Storage.

We can custom build you a wardrobe that fits into any room with whatever storage you need. Maybe it’s your spare room/ guest room that you only use occasionally, so why not use the space to create extra storage. Do you need extra storage for your linen and towels, or maybe you use the room as an office, we can give you storage for your files, documents and paperwork. Or maybe it’s your first home and you are expecting your first baby and you are turning the room into a nursery. Regardless of the type of storage, you need we can provide you with a wardrobe and fit out to suit your needs.

As well as giving you a custom fit out we have a large number of options that we can offer you for the doors.


Silver Mirrors, Grey mirrors or Bronze Mirrors.

Coloured Glass

Our range of coloured glass includes 2 Options of white Glass, Red Glass, Black glass.

Timber Panels

We have a great range of Formica Coloured Panels that we can use in your Doors

You can choose to use 1 of the above options or you can mix any of the option to come up with a look that suits you and your home.

Check out our Built-in Wardrobe Designs here

If you are looking for some ideas for your Walk-in, Here are some ideas for you.

Here are some photos of our built-in Wardrobes.

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Great New storage.

Being an older style home, none of the bedrooms in this house had any type of wardrobe storage. The customer had however, bought some cheap flatpack units from a local hardware store, which really didn’t help as they only gave a single hang rail.

The customer wanted something that would offer more storage options, but most importantly it still had to fit into the same amount of space.

We are sure you will agree, this wardrobe now offers great new storage. By installing 2 draw units, that add 10 draws plus adjustable shelving, along with the double hanging, this wardrobe has everything that they will ever need without taking up any extra space in the bedroom. The new Mirrored sliding doors make the room feel larger and brighter. This wardrobe now ticks all the boxes.


This wardrobe was only 2300mm wide, but we were still able to give them 2600mm of hanging along with 2 x 500mm Draw units.  The top shelf gives them somewhere to store things like extra blankets or pillows, Carry on bags or anything else that you might like to keep handy but out of the way.

Click here to get more ideas for your wardrobe

To organise a free measure and quote please give Karen a call 0412 989 881

Click on the photos to see larger image

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Extra Storage in Wardrobe

New wardrobe fitoout

Making the most of the available space.

The builder fitted this wardrobe out as part of the build but the owner was looking for ways to maximise the storage to gain extra space.

Adjustable Shelving.

We were able to increase the amount of storage in this wardrobe by adding extra hanging space, adding drawers and extra shelving. We maximised the available space to get the most from this built-in wardrobe.

In this first photo, you can see the original configuration of the wardrobe provided by the Builder. One of the biggest issues with the original shelving is that the builder used fixed instead of adjustable shelving. The problem with fixed shelving is that the spacing between the shelves cannot be easily moved. Had the builder used adjustable shelving the available storage could have easily doubled.

IMG_2404Baldivis Lifestyle Village


Maximise Storage.

This photo shows that by maximising the storage you can fit a lot more into the same space. Our half shelf units are very popular turning the mix of adjustable shelving and hanging upside down. This means that everything on the shelves is at eye level which means you don’t need to get down on your hands and knees to find whats on the bottom shelves, but still gives you good access to your hanging.

It’s simple to maximise your storage with just a few easy steps

IMG_2409Baldivis Lifestyle Village

Let us show you how we can maximise the storage in your Built-in or Walk-in Wardrobe.

Call us today to organise your free measure and quote

Wardrobe storage options

Small Space Maximum Storage

Great new storage

Extra storage space

Extra storage in a Granny Flat

Extra storage for a Granny Flat

Storage is always at a premium in most homes these days and in a granny flat its o different. Even if you have no storage we can help you add the much-needed extra storage. Whether it a wardrobe you are looking for or maybe linen storage or both we can show you ways to add a space for both.

Wardrobe storage.

We can design a wardrobe to fit into any space.  Whether it just a wardrobe for one or his and hers fit out we will show you how to maximise the space you have. With a combination of full and double hang, Draws and adjustable shelving we can offer you a space for everything. Even if you are looking for something specific like pull out pant racks tie racks and belt racks we have it all covered.

Other Storage.

Maybe you are looking for storage for your linen, towels and blankets we can build a storage unit that is designed to fit your linen etc. Maybe you are looking for somewhere to store your vacuum cleaner, Ironing board, mop and bucket we can add space for these as well.

Mix it up.

If you don’t have space for a wardrobe and linen cupboard we can design a unit that combines all of the storage you need. Why not have a unit that you can use as a wardrobe at one end and have storage for your linen and towels at the other end. We will show you how to get the storage you need in the space you have.

Contact us today to book your free measure and quote. Let’s get the ball rolling and get you the storage you need.

Check out some of these ideas

Great new storage.

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