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Bi-Fold Conversion

Bi-fold doors converted to sliding doors.

Bi-Fold Conversion.

This inner city apartment like many others had Bi-Fold doors to the laundry cupboard.  Like many others, the doors were very heavy and very difficult to operate.

The main issue we come across with this type of doors is that the doors are top hung. This means that they only have a track at the top and the bottom of the doors float free. Since the doors were heavy, if the top mounts are not properly installed the doors drop over time, and like these doors, they damage the floor. The owner of this apartment had spent a lot of money having the doors adjusted and repaired with no result. Even today when we were removing the doors we had a lot of trouble separating the doors to remove the hinges so the doors could be taken down.

The Conversion.

Once the old doors were removed, the conversion was a quick and simple fit. We used our triple track system for this conversion. This meant that access to the laundry was excellent, as with our triple track you can stack all 3 doors behind each other and move them anywhere within the opening.

Find out more about our Door conversions Here

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Don’t settle get it done in sections

Don’t settle for what you can afford.

Don’t just go with the cheapest quote because that’s what you can afford right now. We all want that perfect wardrobe, with drawers and shelving, double hanging, pull out pant racks, great shoe storage with mirrored sliding doors. Maybe even coloured glass and mirrored doors. However, when the quote comes in you can afford the fit out but not the doors you want. Or you can afford the basic fit out but not the one you really want and the companies are telling you that you must have the whole job done at the same time or it’s not worth their trouble.

We are happy to help

We don’t think like that. We’re more than happy to do your wardrobes in sections – a functional wardrobe doesn’t need doors to be functional. So why not get the internal fit out done now, giving you the functionality you need and get the doors done in a few months time, once you have been able to save for the doors you have always wanted.

Maybe you can live with the fit out you have, but the doors are jamming and are hard to open.  You want a full-length mirror in your room, then why not get the doors replaced now and we can do the fit out for you sometime in the future once you have saved. You don’t have to settle for a cheaper option…

When we Quote your wardrobe we will always provide you with 2 separate prices for each wardrobe quoted. 1 Price will be for your doors. The other will be for the fit out.

We also separate each room in our quotes. So, if you can only afford to have one room done at a time we are happy to do just the one room and come back and do another room as you can afford it.  You don’t have to get the whole room done either, just do the doors or the fit-out, whatever works best for you.

Built-in Wardrobe Ideas

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These Wardrobes are ready for use and the doors will be added at a later stage as their budget allows.

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Adding Wardrobe Storage to your rental will improve the rentability of the home as well as adding value to the house or apartment.

Add Storage Get happy tenants

This rental property went from No storage to Great storage in a single day.
This 3 bedroom home had no wardrobes or linen storage. We added 3 Built-in with a basic fit out, A fixed top shelf with a single hang rail.
This will make renting the property in the future much easier. The rental market isn’t as tight as it was a few years ago and tenants can afford to be fussy when looking for a property to rent, one that has wardrobes compared to one that has no wardrobes may be the tipping point when picking a home to rent.

2 of the 3 wardrobes were wall to wall but in the 3rd bedroom we had to create the recess, when creating the recess we use a 16mm melamine panel  which can be sanded and painted to match the walls in the rest of the room or we can use a laminated panel depending on the finish you are looking for.

Yes, we have standard units that we use when fitting out our wardrobes but our range is not limited by our range the only limitations when fitting out a wardrobe is your imagination.

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Master bedroom with no Storage
Master bedroom with no Storage
bedroom with no Storage
Master bedroom with no Storage
Master bedroom with no Storage
Master bedroom with no Storage
Simple layout with top shelf and hanging
Simple layout with top shelf and hanging
Simple layout with top shelf and hanging
Simple layout with top shelf and hanging
Three mirrored doors make the room brighter and bigger
Three mirrored doors make the room brighter and bigger

Adding Sliding doors to your wardrobe

A new look for an Old Wardrobe.

This was a nice easy Job. The customer already had their storage in place. They just wanted to add sliding doors to form their Wardrobe.
They went with the standard end panel, 2 low iron white coat glass doors and a silver mirror door all framed in matt natural framing.

Adding doors to this wardrobe gave the room a whole new look. It’s nice to have somewhere to hide away all your personal items.

The new doors changed the look of this room. Not only do the doors hide the clutter of the wardrobe, it gives the room a more modern look, making the room feel larger and brighter.

Lots to choose from.

We have a large range to chose from when looking for new wardrobe doors. You can choose from our range of Mirrors. We have the standard silver mirror which is the same as your bathroom mirror. Or you can choose from our decor range of mirrors. Our decor range gives the choice of either a bronze mirror which still gives all the benefits of a silver mirror whilst also giving an elegant golden hue and a sense of luxury. We also offer a grey mirror. The Grey mirror still gives the look and feel of space, while giving an understated yet elegant look.

Something other than Mirrors.

Maybe mirrors aren’t your thing. We have a number other options available. If you are looking for a High Gloss finish We have a number of coloured glass options available.

We also have a large range of Timber Panels that we can fit into our doors. Or maybe you have some cabinet work that you would like the doors to match. If you know the name that you want to match we can let you know if there is a panel suitable to use with our doors


In the second Job pictured below the master bedroom still had the original Built-in Wardrobe which was looking a little dated,

We removed the original Doors while leaving the framework for the storage in place.  We added our triple track door system in front of the old framing giving the wardrobe a new modern look.

The advantage our triple track system is that all the doors can be stacked behind each other and can be moved anywhere within the opening. Being able to stack all 3 doors behind each other is a great feature as it means if you want to add drawers into your wardrobe they can be placed anywhere, where every other door system means that the placement of the drawers is dictated by the doors.

Find out more about our door system

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Child’s Wardrobe

Child's bedroom storage

A Great fit out for A Child’s Wardrobe.

A simple fit out for a Child’s Bedroom. A combination of Hanging, adjustable shelving and drawers. This fit-out gives you heaps of options as far as storage goes. Combined with the sliding doors this makes a big difference to this little guys bedroom.

While this fit-out was built to suit a child’s room the hanging has been set up so he will never grow out of it. Other units can be added later to create extra storage if required.

Custom Built.

We build every wardrobe to fit the customer’s design and requirements. You don’t need to spend hours going from shop to shop looking for something to fit only to have to make do with something that fits but it’s not what you really wanted.

We can build you the exact unit you want and that fits exactly into the space. Best of all we come to you to take the necessary measurements. This saves you time, fuel and the frustration. Plus there are no flat pack units to put together, or hiring trailers to get them home.

Why waste your family time building flatpacks.

Best of all we guarantee our unit for 5 years

We build all of the units we use in our wardrobes from scratch right here in our own workshop. We only use 16.5mm HMR Melamine

That’s right we only use 16.5mm Melamine. All of our drawers, shelves and the back of our units are made of 16.5mm Melamine. Our drawers are made using Blum Hardware and each drawer is rated to 20Kgs each. We don’t use nails or staples. All our units are built using screws.

You will not find a flatpack unit that can compare.

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Laundry storage

A custom Laundry Cabinet fit out the storage units were built to give the maximum storage for specific Items, the tall side gives space for long handled items like their mops and micro fibre brooms while their vacuum cleaner fits neatly in the shorter side.

With all the shelves being adjustable this gives extra options for different sized items.

The unit is finished off with Formica Rock Salt panels framed in Almond Cream.

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Designing your new Wardrobe.

Nobody knows your wardrobe better than you. So if you design it, we will build it and install it for you.

Don’t know where to start? Give us a call today on 0412 989 881 to book a time for us to come out and meet with you to start designing your dream wardrobe.

Building a new home? Send us your plans and an out line of what you would like included .

Once we have your plans and an idea of what you would like included we will start the planning stage by putting together a suggested lay out for you.

This gives us a starting point, which you can make changes to we will go back and forth until you have the design you want. – then once your new home is ready and you get your keys we can give you your wardrobe ready to move into.

Email your plans to: quotes@mtmwardrobes.com.au

Laundry Hamper

This customer asked for a hide away Laundry hamper somewhere to hide the dirty Laundry until wash day. One spot for the whites and another for your colours.

thumb_IMG_1945_1024Oakford thumb_IMG_1946_1024Oakford

Wardrobe Facelift

A nice Conversion to finish off the week.
Removing the hinged doors from your Built-in and replacing them with sliding doors free’s up lots of space in your Bedroom,.

thumb_IMG_1968_1024Parkwood thumb_IMG_1969_1024Parkwood thumb_IMG_1970_1024Parkwood thumb_IMG_1971_1024Parkwood thumb_IMG_1972_1024Parkwood thumb_IMG_1974_1024Parkwood thumb_IMG_1975_1024Parkwood