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Custom Walk-in Wardrobe

Wardrobe Fit-outs.

There is nothing standard when it comes to a Wardrobe, This is where Custom Cabinets make things a lot easier.

Using custom cabinets makes maximising the space in your Walk-in or Built-in Wardrobe much easier. there is no need to settle for off the shelf units that just don’t fit.

Custom Cabinets

Every wardrobe comes with its own set of challenges, Things like. Angled Walls,  Low ceilings, Duct Work for Plumbing and Airconditioning, the list goes on. All of these things make fitting out your wardrobe a challenge.

To Get the most out of the available space in your wardrobe we make everything to suit your wardrobe we can make changes to the width or height of any of our units. we also build custom cabinets to fit into specific areas of your wardrobe.

Custom Drawer units

Do you have a specific design that you want for your wardrobe but can’t find it anywhere, We can build a drawer unit to meet your need and specifications. whether you need just 1 drawer or 7 drawers either all the same size or a mix of different sizes we can custom build a drawer unit to suit.

Standard off the shelf cabinets will never give you the best use of the space having something custom built isn’t as complicated or expensive as you may think, a simple adjustment in the height or width of a unit will make a big difference when maximising the space in your wardrobe.

Custom Colours or Finishes.

Most of our wardrobe fit-outs are made using white melamine but we can build your units in any colour or finish from any of the major suppliers.

This means that you can completely customise your wardrobe to fit your personal tastes.

Give Karen a call today to organise a free measure and quote to see how we can add extra storage to your wardrobe without losing any hanging space.

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Great New storage.

Deluxe Walk-in Wardrobe Storage

Custom fit out to master bedroom walk-in

Gain Space

Cover Photo 3 Mirrors Mat Nat

Gaining Space

A hinged door to Sliding door conversion will help you gain space in any area. whether that in a bedroom where its hard to place furniture or in a hallway where you constantly fight with the doors to put away your laundry every week.

Changing your hinged doors to sliding doors will make life easier and free up space that you haven’t been able to use.

Changing you hinged door to sliding doesn’t just help you gain space,It gives a whole new look to the room.

Door Options

We have a number of options available, something to suit any space. Mirrored doors make any room lighter and brighter giving that feel of space.

Or you can choose one of our coloured glass options these can be paired with a mirror or used for all the doors.

With there high gloss finish they bring a feeling of luxury into any room.

Tripple Track System.

We offer our triple track door system for all our conversion so not only do you gain space your wardrobe is easier to access,

Our triple track system is 3 doors on 3 tracks so you can stack all 3 doors behind each other and move the doors anywhere within the opening this system give a 2/3 opening.

Not just Hinged doors

Our door conversions aren’t just for hinged doors we can convert any style of bifold doors to sliding. Many inner-city apartments use BiFold doors to close off the laundry areas. After a time these doors can be hard to operate, and can start to cause damage to your flooring.

Converting these doors to sliding will eliminate all of the frustration associated with these doors and will save you $$ by protecting floors.

With our triple track door system, you don’t lose any access to the area as all the door can be stacked behind each other.

Being able to stack all of the doors behind each other gives you a 2/3rd opening,

This combined with our 1 finger glide, these doors not only look good they are simple to operate.

All Conversions Are not the same

Don’t be fooled all door conversions are not the same our conversions are professionally carried out and blend into the opening as if they were meant to be there.

Other conversions leave big gaps where the new frame meets the existing frame.

Check out some of our conversions

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Adding Sliding doors to your wardrobe

Easy slide sliding doors

Kid’s Bedroom Storage

Small Space Maximum Storage

Great use of a small wardrobe

Small Space Maximum Storage

Having a small walk-in Wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t make good use of the space available. With a good plan, we can give you a lot more storage simply by maximising the space that you have.

This wardrobe was only 1500mm x 2100mm but it also had a neo angle wall. This reduced the 2100mm down to 1800mm of usable space plus the door to the walk-in also reduced the 2100mm wall on the other side down to 1700mm. So, all in all, it’s a small space. Neo walls can be difficult to make use of, in this wardrobe we used this space for long hanging. These days most women don’t need more than 300mm to 400mm of space for their long dresses so the neo angled wall was just right for this wardrobe.

No Need for Draws.

The customer had 2 large drawer units in the master bedroom, so they didn’t want any drawers included in the Walk-in layout. We added 2 of our 800mm wide half shelf units and 1 x 600mm 1/2 shelf units which provides almost 9000mm of adjustable shelving. Each of these units has hanging under the shelving which gives 2200mm of hanging. The 2 areas of double hang adds another 3200mm of hanging and 1 section of long hang gives another 400mm of hanging.

Ticking all the boxes

When you add all of this up, the list is pretty impressive.

Almost 6 meters of hanging Rail

9 meters of adjustable shelving

4.5 meters of fixed shelf across the top all the way around the room for the storage of bulky items, things like blankets, pillows or carry on bags etc.

Maximising the Layout makes all the difference.

In most cases, the wardrobes are installed by the builder when the home was built. The builder isn’t overly concerned about the wardrobes and in most cases, it’s a very basic fit out, A single shelf and hanging rail. The Builder just wants to give you something usable which is probably not the best use of the space.

Usually, the top shelf is installed very low which leaves a large open space between the top shelf and the ceiling, This in its self-creates a problem where thing get stacked up on top of other things.  When you need something it’s usually on the bottom of the stack which means you have 2 options 1 you can unpack everything to get to what you need or the more likely option is to pull the item from the bottom hoping that everything on top and next to it doesn’t come crashing down on top of you.

Make some simple changes

By making a few changes to the layout of your wardrobe we can maximise the storage. By giving a space that is functional its easy to keep everything neat, tidy and organised.

We offer a free measure and quote so why not give us a call today to see how we can make you Walk-in or Built-in wardrobe a lot more user-friendly.

Give Karen a call on 0412 989 881 to book your free quote.

See some of our other walk-in Wardrobe Builds

See some of our Built-in Wardrobe builds.

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Walk-in Wardrobe with lots of options

Walk-in Wardrobe

A Great walk-in with Great  Options

This Walk-in Wardrobe gives lots of options for storage, A large shoe unit with a full-length mirrored door. 2 Drawer units, 1 for Him 1 For Her and 2 half shelf units.
Our 1/2 shelf units turn the traditional storage solution of hanging with shelving upside down. Rather than having to get down on your hands and knees to find whats on the bottom shelf we have swapped them around. With the shelves above the hanging. Everything is at eye level while you still have good access to the clothes hanging below.

Sliding Doors

We included floor to ceiling Mirrored sliding doors to the entrance of this walk-in so the doors can be closed to hide any clutter. The mirrored doors also give a sense of space to the master bedroom making the room feel bigger and brighter.

Triple Track System.

For the doors, we used our triple track system. Our triple track is the smallest wardrobe door system on the market which makes it great for situations like closing off a walk-in wardrobe. All three doors can be stacked behind each other and moved anywhere within the opening. This gives you a 2/3rd opening which makes an ample opening to get from the bedroom into the wardrobe.

Our Wardrobe Units

We have a large range of units that we use all the time when building wardrobes. But don’t think that this is all we can offer. We are happy to build any unit that you would like. If you have a specific design that you want please send us the detail’s and we are happy to provide you with a quote.

More info on walk-in Wardrobes

More info on Built-in Wardrobes

Call us today to discuss your wardrobe

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