Bi-Fold Conversion

Bi-fold doors converted to sliding doors.

Bi-Fold Conversion.

This inner city apartment like many others had Bi-Fold doors to the laundry cupboard.  Like many others, the doors were very heavy and very difficult to operate.

The main issue we come across with this type of doors is that the doors are top hung. This means that they only have a track at the top and the bottom of the doors float free. Since the doors were heavy, if the top mounts are not properly installed the doors drop over time, and like these doors, they damage the floor. The owner of this apartment had spent a lot of money having the doors adjusted and repaired with no result. Even today when we were removing the doors we had a lot of trouble separating the doors to remove the hinges so the doors could be taken down.

The Conversion.

Once the old doors were removed, the conversion was a quick and simple fit. We used our triple track system for this conversion. This meant that access to the laundry was excellent, as with our triple track you can stack all 3 doors behind each other and move them anywhere within the opening.

Find out more about our Door conversions Here

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Don’t settle get it done in sections

Don’t settle for what you can afford.

Don’t just go with the cheapest quote because that’s what you can afford right now. We all want that perfect wardrobe, with drawers and shelving, double hanging, pull out pant racks, great shoe storage with mirrored sliding doors. Maybe even coloured glass and mirrored doors. However, when the quote comes in you can afford the fit out but not the doors you want. Or you can afford the basic fit out but not the one you really want and the companies are telling you that you must have the whole job done at the same time or it’s not worth their trouble.

We are happy to help

We don’t think like that. We’re more than happy to do your wardrobes in sections – a functional wardrobe doesn’t need doors to be functional. So why not get the internal fit out done now, giving you the functionality you need and get the doors done in a few months time, once you have been able to save for the doors you have always wanted.

Maybe you can live with the fit out you have, but the doors are jamming and are hard to open.  You want a full-length mirror in your room, then why not get the doors replaced now and we can do the fit out for you sometime in the future once you have saved. You don’t have to settle for a cheaper option…

When we Quote your wardrobe we will always provide you with 2 separate prices for each wardrobe quoted. 1 Price will be for your doors. The other will be for the fit out.

We also separate each room in our quotes. So, if you can only afford to have one room done at a time we are happy to do just the one room and come back and do another room as you can afford it.  You don’t have to get the whole room done either, just do the doors or the fit-out, whatever works best for you.

Built-in Wardrobe Ideas

Contacts Us

These Wardrobes are ready for use and the doors will be added at a later stage as their budget allows.

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Home Office

these units provide lots of storage for this home office

Home / Office storage.

Most people these days have a home office or a study area. An area where the kids can do their home work, with out the distractions that occur in the lounge room or their bedrooms. To keep these areas tidy,  you need storage.

These 2 units add a lot of options – being a great place to keep books, files reams of paper or your craft supplies. All of the internal shelves are adjustable, with the exception of the centre shelf, so you can adjust the spacing to suit your needs.  With the shelves being adjustable, you can adjust the shelves as the need arises, as the kids get older or your home business grows.

Get your office fitted out

We don’t only do home office fitouts we can fit out your office, shop or workshop office.

Best of all, all of our units are custom made to suit the space available. We don’t have any standard sizes, so we can build your storage to suit your home or office.

Maybe you don’t want white! You may already have some office furniture in the space. We can manufacture our storage units in any colour and can match existing furniture as long as you can tell us the colour.

Give us a call today to organise a free measure and quote 0412 989 881.

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Great New storage.

Being an older style home, none of the bedrooms in this house had any type of wardrobe storage. The customer had however, bought some cheap flatpack units from a local hardware store, which really didn’t help as they only gave a single hang rail.

The customer wanted something that would offer more storage options, but most importantly it still had to fit into the same amount of space.

We are sure you will agree, this wardrobe now offers great new storage. By installing 2 draw units, that add 10 draws plus adjustable shelving, along with the double hanging, this wardrobe has everything that they will ever need without taking up any extra space in the bedroom. The new Mirrored sliding doors make the room feel larger and brighter. This wardrobe now ticks all the boxes.


This wardrobe was only 2300mm wide, but we were still able to give them 2600mm of hanging along with 2 x 500mm Draw units.  The top shelf gives them somewhere to store things like extra blankets or pillows, Carry on bags or anything else that you might like to keep handy but out of the way.

Click here to get more ideas for your wardrobe

To organise a free measure and quote please give Karen a call 0412 989 881

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Hinged doors to sliding doors conversion

Hinged Door to Sliding Door Conversion.

Another Hinged door cupboard converted to Sliding Doors.

Converting your Hinged doors to sliding doors gives a lot of extra space and makes the cupboard a lot more user-friendly.

These days every inch of space is precious so leave space to open a hinged door could be used for other things, That extra space could be used for a study desk bookshelves or a chest of draws. The option are endless.

Our door conversion is seamless, there are no gaps left to highlight that a change has been made. If you didn’t know better you would think it was installed by the builder.
Don’t settle for unprofessional conversions that look like someone threw a sliding door frame into a hinged door frame leaving gaps all the way around the frame that scream BAD CONVERSION !!

We don’t use filler strips and we don’t leave gaps if someone tells you that there is no other way to do the conversion “unless you take out the frame” Please give us a call before you agree to do costly, messy and unnecessary work. The hinged door frame doesn’t need to be removed you don’t need to cut any part of the frame.

It doesn’t cost more to have it done right and you won’t be disappointed.
To arrange a quote please give Karen a call on 0412 989 881

More Information on our Door Conversions

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Coloured glass wardrobe doors

great storage space

Add  Character to any area  with our Coloured Glass.

We have a number of options available in our range of coloured glass and decor mirror range. Our coloured glass comes in a range of 4 colours.

choose from our coloured glass options.

Bright Red. –  Fire engine red adds colour and style

Black Glass. –  Makes a bold statement.

Low Iron White Glass. – High gloss white and makes a great partner to a mirror.

High Iron White Glass. – this Bottle green Glass stands out from the rest.

Bronze Mirror. – With its deep golden hue it creates style and a little mystery.

Grey Mirror. – This Smokey option is great anywhere. Very stylish and alluring.

When styling a room, most people don’t think about the wardrobe doors as something that can bring a whole new look to a room. By selecting any of our coloured glass to use in your doors you can add style and panache to your space.

Our 3 coloured glass options  are not mirrors but being high gloss they do have some reflective properties. They all reflect light and will make the space seem larger and brighter

Our Decor mirrors have the same reflective property as a silver mirror with out being as bright as a standard mirror. The Bronze mirror has a golden Hue to it and the Grey mirror has a deep smoky look to it.


Check out our other Options for our doors

To Arrange a quote for your Wardrobe give Karen a call on 0412 989 881

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