Small Wardrobe Recess

This wardrobe build needed a little more room than what the builder had given it. The recess only measured 440mm deep which meant, even with our Slimline Wardrobe system it would have only left 360mm inside the doors which would mean that you could not hang a coat hanger inside the wardrobe. ( coat hangers are 400mm wide )

We were able to build the wardrobe out which meant that we were able to give the customer a standard wardrobe fit out, with out the added costs of getting Custom cabinet work done.

When we had finished the job the customer told us that she was very sceptical as to how we were going to do the job and what it would look like, but she was really pleased about how it worked out and that the small build out was really not that noticeable



First unit in place for the start of this wardrobe build        Wardrobe fit out complete lots of storage and hanging space.        wardrobe Complete 3 silver mirrors in Mat Natural Frame.

Wardrobe Details:

Wardrobe recess 2100mm wide

2 X 500mm draw units

Hanging space: 2080mm

Doors: 3 silver Mirrors in Matt Natural Frame.

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Wardrobe Conversion

Wardrobes Made to Measure, Another Wardrobe Conversion

This is a small job we did this week converting a small wardrobe from a hinged door with only shelf storage to a sliding door with shelving and hanging space. a small change thats made a big difference. We can change out just about any hinged door and convert it to sliding doors whether it be a steel or timber frame its easily changed to a sliding door system. changing your wardrobe or linen press over to sliding doors saves space making the room easier to furnish, without having to leave space for the door to swing open you have a lot more options on how you can furnish the room.

Photo Gallery Slideshow

job finished new sliding doors

new shelving and hanging installed

new shelving installed

only shelving No hanging space

hinged door to wardrobe

New Wardrobe Build using Shoji White Frame

This is one of our latest builds. It was a little bit of a challenge as there was a hump in the floor in the centre where the new wardrobe was to go and just to make it a little more interesting the ceiling sagged in the centre. But after a little bit of sculpting and plastering everything worked out well.
This was another job using the new colour SHOJI WHITE its becoming one of our best sellers,
2 X Low Iron white coat doors
2 X silver mirrored doors
Shoji White frame

Photo Gallery

Low Iron white coat and Silver mirror

Wardrobe Fitout

Shoji White frame

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Hall Cupboard

This is a Job we completed today, We converted the doors on this Cupboard from Hinged doors to Sliding doors. The customer also chose to us our new Grey mirror. using the Grey Mirror you still get the feeling of space along with the feeling of opulence.

Changing your hinged doors to sliding Both in your bedroom or other areas of your home where space is at a premium make a lot of sense the space need to swing a hinged door could be better put to use. If space in your bedroom is an issue the space reserved for the hinged doors to swing open can make the difference between  having to push your bed up against a wall and being able to move the bed into the centre of the room so you can walk down both sides of the bed. imagine how easy making the bed will be without having to have the bed pushed up against one wall.

We can convert your hinged doors to either a 2 door slider or a 3 doors slider. if you opt for a 3 door slider using our Slim line triple track system it will give you a full 2/3rd opening. imagine how much easier things would be with new Sliding doors on your wardrobe.

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The original doors were Gloss white Hinged Doors

Gloss white Hinged Doors
This Hall cupboard had gloss white hinged doors

These new Sliding doors with the Grey Mirrors real open up the area.

Grey mirrored sliding doors
Gloss white frames and Grey Mirrors set off these new sliding doors