Corner Wardrobe Storage

Corner Wardrobes Make use of the Available Space

Do you have a large bedroom but only a small wardrobe? Do you need extra storage but you think you don’t have room for a bigger wardrobe?

Let us show you how we can build a new wardrobe or add to an existing  Built-in wardrobe to make the small amount of storage into a larger more usable space.

Extra Storage

Does your bedroom have a built-in wardrobe that is small and impractical?  We can show you how we can take that small built-in and turn it into something that gives you the space you deserve.

Traditionally wardrobes are built along a single wall, that can limit the space available to build a wardrobe. We can show you how you can turn a small built-in into a great Corner wardrobe.

Building a corner wardrobe is a great way to increase your storage space without limiting the usable space in your room. Building a wardrobe on a single small wall may not give you the extra storage you are looking for but building a corner wardrobe will dramatically increase this without tacking up large amount floor space. A corner wardrobe that measures 1500mm X 1500MM will give you the same amount of space as a 3000mm long wardrobe.


We don’t believe in standard sizes, we build everything from scratch so we can help when the “standard” furniture won’t fit.

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this corner wardrobe has 3 white coat glass dors down the long side with 3 mirrored doors along the short side

This is a photo of a corner wardrobe
We matched our Doors to existing Cabinets


This Laundry had a corner recess For the linen storage we Built a Corner wardrobe to make the best use of the available space we were able to match there existing cabinet finish to the doors
Laundry and Linen Storage









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