Glass & Mirrored sliding door Options

Mirrored Sliding Door options

With the exception of our ready to paint doors our Standard Silver Mirrored door option is the best value for Money. The standard mirror gives a clean modern look to any bedroom while offering extra light and a  modern spacious  look. All our glass Doors comply with the Australian standard and are vinyl safety backed for your protection and peace of mind.

Our standard Silver Mirror looks great in any room

Mix of Mirror and White coat doors

If having all mirrors is not to your liking why not add a few White coat doors.This option still gives you 1 full length mirror to make sure everything is in the right place before heading out of the door.

If all Mirrors is not the look you want why not add 2 white coat doors

2 white coat and 1 mirrored door

Good looking and Stylish

If you are looking for something a bit more stylish we can now offer Bronze or Grey Mirrors to our Wardrobe doors.

The Bronze Mirror gives a rich golden look to the Wardrobe while the Grey Mirror gives a deep Smoky look. Which ever choice you make these mirrors will certainly add style to any room.

Our Bronze mirror adds a rich Hue to any room
Our Bronze mirror adds a rich golden  hue to any room
A great Mirror with a deep smoky look
Our grey mirror gives a deep smoky look


Other rooms in your home.

Using a grey mirror to a hall linen-press will add style without overpowering the space.

What ever your choice one of our Wardrobes will give a clean Modern look and feel to any room

Which ever glass option you choose our Mirrored sliding door systems will add style to any room.

Linen-press doors before being replaced
Linen-press doors before being replaced
Grey Mirrored sliding doors
Grey Mirrored sliding door









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