Kid’s Bedroom Storage

Kid’s Bedroom Storage.

These fit-outs are a great example of the options we have available for your Kids bedrooms. They have a good mix of hanging Space, Drawers and adjustable shelving.

The use of our 1/2 shelf units gives you a good amount of adjustable shelving with hanging underneath. We have turned the traditional upside down. Normally when you combine hanging and adjustable shelving, the shelving is below the hanging, but this means that to find things on the lower shelves you have to get down on your hands and knees. By moving the shelving up above the hanging, everything on the shelves is at eye level while still giving you good access to the hanging below.

Another advantage of having the shelves above the hanging in Kids bedrooms means that anything you put on the shelves is out of reach of young kids and prevents them climbing the shelves to reach items that you don’t want them to have for whatever reason.

Hinged Door Wardrobe.

To allow access and to give a top-shelf across the width of the wardrobe with hinged doors we use our smaller units. These units are 1800mm tall which still allows for double hanging while still allowing for a top shelf. Most wardrobes that have hinged doors the opening will be just over 2000mm. the shorter units give you a small space for the top shelf.

 Your Kids Bedroom Design.

If you have a specific layout in mind for your kids’ bedroom, we are happy to build it for you, simply sketch it out and email it to us and we will price it up for you. If you or your partner are handy and like doing a bit of DIY we can even supply it as a DIY pack so you can install it yourself

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