Laundry Fitout’s

Update your Laundry

If your Laundry needs a facelift, there are many ways to freshen the room’s look, as well as creating a system that gets it organised.

Since laundry rooms are usually small compared to other rooms in your home, one of the most efficient ways to organize and store the things you need is to look up.

Installing overhead cabinets will increase your storage space considerably. The more vertical space you can use, the better.

Open shelves can be good for large bottles or boxes of laundry soap, even for canned goods. Allowing things you reach for often to be easily found and accessible.

Household cleaners can be kept behind cabinet doors for a tidy look. Lower cabinets are a great place to install pull-out hampers. If you’re using shelves, try to install them with enough space underneath to allow hampers and laundry baskets to be tucked away so they won’t be in the way when you’re busy in the laundry.

Make the space count.

Having extra storage in your laundry can benefit you in other areas of your home, buying canned and non-perishable items in bulk can save money, having somewhere to store these items where they are out of the way but easily accessible is a great way to use the extra overhead storage space in your laundry.


If you store mops, a vacuum cleaner and other cleaning equipment in your laundry room, making a space to keep everything together can be easily added to a tall cabinet.


Clear plastic containers are a good choice because it allows you to see what’s inside,  you can also label the boxes.

Ironing Boards.

If you have space, a fold out ironing board unit is a great option that saves the frustration of digging out your Ironing board a putting it away every time it’s needed.

While being functional having all of your ironing supplies stored in the one place makes your ironing a little easier while keeping everything handy and tidy.

Custom Inserts.

If your laundry space is limited to a closet area, proper organization and storage is crucial, to keep clutter from accumulating.  Carefully planning your space and limiting items only to those things pertaining to laundry or things that must be stored there.

We can build a custom insert to maximise the space and storage, giving everything its own space.

keeping everything neat and tidy while still being easily accessible.

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Get some ideas for your laundry from the photo’s below

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