Let us help you get the Extra Storage You Need.

Need Extra Storage

Like a lot of homes in Perth, a lot of the smaller bedrooms have very little or no storage at all. Just because the builder neglected to provide you with storage, doesn’t mean that we can’t provide you with great storage without drastically reducing the livable space in the room.

Building Extra Storage.

We can custom build you a wardrobe that fits into any room with whatever storage you need. Maybe it’s your spare room/ guest room that you only use occasionally, so why not use the space to create extra storage. Do you need extra storage for your linen and towels, or maybe you use the room as an office, we can give you storage for your files, documents and paperwork. Or maybe it’s your first home and you are expecting your first baby and you are turning the room into a nursery. Regardless of the type of storage, you need we can provide you with a wardrobe and fit out to suit your needs.

As well as giving you a custom fit out we have a large number of options that we can offer you for the doors.


Silver Mirrors, Grey mirrors or Bronze Mirrors.

Coloured Glass

Our range of coloured glass includes 2 Options of white Glass, Red Glass, Black glass.

Timber Panels

We have a great range of Formica Coloured Panels that we can use in your Doors

You can choose to use 1 of the above options or you can mix any of the option to come up with a look that suits you and your home.

Check out our Built-in Wardrobe Designs here

If you are looking for some ideas for your Walk-in, Here are some ideas for you.

Here are some photos of our built-in Wardrobes.

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