Small Space Maximum Storage

Small Space Maximum Storage

Having a small walk-in Wardrobe doesn’t mean you can’t make good use of the space available. With a good plan, we can give you a lot more storage simply by maximising the space that you have.

This wardrobe was only 1500mm x 2100mm but it also had a neo angle wall. This reduced the 2100mm down to 1800mm of usable space plus the door to the walk-in also reduced the 2100mm wall on the other side down to 1700mm. So, all in all, it’s a small space. Neo walls can be difficult to make use of, in this wardrobe we used this space for long hanging. These days most women don’t need more than 300mm to 400mm of space for their long dresses so the neo angled wall was just right for this wardrobe.

No Need for Draws.

The customer had 2 large drawer units in the master bedroom, so they didn’t want any drawers included in the Walk-in layout. We added 2 of our 800mm wide half shelf units and 1 x 600mm 1/2 shelf units which provides almost 9000mm of adjustable shelving. Each of these units has hanging under the shelving which gives 2200mm of hanging. The 2 areas of double hang adds another 3200mm of hanging and 1 section of long hang gives another 400mm of hanging.

Ticking all the boxes

When you add all of this up, the list is pretty impressive.

Almost 6 meters of hanging Rail

9 meters of adjustable shelving

4.5 meters of fixed shelf across the top all the way around the room for the storage of bulky items, things like blankets, pillows or carry on bags etc.

Maximising the Layout makes all the difference.

In most cases, the wardrobes are installed by the builder when the home was built. The builder isn’t overly concerned about the wardrobes and in most cases, it’s a very basic fit out, A single shelf and hanging rail. The Builder just wants to give you something usable which is probably not the best use of the space.

Usually, the top shelf is installed very low which leaves a large open space between the top shelf and the ceiling, This in its self-creates a problem where thing get stacked up on top of other things.  When you need something it’s usually on the bottom of the stack which means you have 2 options 1 you can unpack everything to get to what you need or the more likely option is to pull the item from the bottom hoping that everything on top and next to it doesn’t come crashing down on top of you.

Make some simple changes

By making a few changes to the layout of your wardrobe we can maximise the storage. By giving a space that is functional its easy to keep everything neat, tidy and organised.

We offer a free measure and quote so why not give us a call today to see how we can make you Walk-in or Built-in wardrobe a lot more user-friendly.

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