Wardrobe Door Options

Wardrobe Door Options


We have a variety of options available for our wardrobe doors. Whether you are looking for budget doors or something a little more upmarket we have an option to suit.

For our budget doors we use a ready to paint MDF panel. This allows you to finish the door in what ever style suits you. The doors can be painted in any colour or they can be wallpapered to match your walls or to create a feature in the room. The possibilities are endless. If the wardrobe is for a younger child why not give them somewhere to be creative, turn the doors into a blackboard then in a few years when they get older its just a simple matter of a light sand and the doors are ready for you to decorate again in any style.

If you are looking for Mirrored doors we have a number of options available. You can choose from our Standard silver mirrors or if you are looking for something a little more stylish you can opt for either our Grey or Bronze mirrors.

If  you aren’t a big fan of mirrors but like the feel of glass doors, We can offer either White coat, Black coat or Red Coat Glass. A mix of one mirror and two white/Black or Redcoat glass doors are very popular.

All of our glass doors meet the Australian design rules which means that all glass doors are vinyl safety backed for your peace of mind.

We use as standard Low Iron Glass for our white coat glass doors which means that you get a clean pure gloss white door rather than the bottle green looking glass that is the result of using standard High iron glass.

One of the best reasons for using glass in your wardrobe doors is how easy it is to clean and maintain. If you have young children or Grandchildren and they like drawing on doors with their texta’s or even your favourite Lipstick it all cleans away easily with a bit of glass cleaner.

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