Walk-in Wardrobe Storage Options

Your Dream Walk-in Wardrobe Storage.

Customise your dream Walk-in.

A well-designed walk-in wardrobe creates a functional space, in which you can keep your treasured items and take the time to select the things you need each day.

Your walk in wardrobe will be influenced by:

  • The space you have available.
  • The position of the door and other elements in the space.
  • What you are wanting to store in your Wardrobe
  • The way you want to access your items and how often you use these items
  • What type of storage you want for each item

Each area within your walk-in can be customised taking into consideration whether you want to see the items or if you prefer to have them behind a door.

We will incorporate drawers, doors, open areas and closed areas with adjustable and fixed shelves.

We understand that every wardrobe is different and every customer wants something different in what they want their walk-in to be, that’s why we custom build every wardrobe to meet your wishes giving you the wardrobe you deserve.

Things to consider when planning your dream walk-in.

  • The layout of your wardrobe where is the entrance in relation to the rest of the space.
  • What would you like to include – Hanging (Full and/or double), Drawers, Open shelving, adjustable or fixed shelving, shoe storage and anything else that you feel is important.
  • Your Budget – how much have you set aside for your wardrobe.
  • Fixed items in your wardrobe space. Power points, alarm boxes, Phone or internet connections or windows.
  • Sometimes storage in your home can be lacking so you might consider a section to store other items like extra linen, Blankets, Pillows or even towels if your wardrobe is close to your ensuite.

Call us today and organise a free measure and quote to start you on your way to having the dream wardrobe you desire.

We will come to you to measure your space and discuss your wardrobe. This is because we feel the best place to design your wardrobe is standing in front of it.

Check out the videos below for some ideas you may like to incorporate into your Dream Wardrobe Design.

Other wardrobe options

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